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The pandemic, and its impact on all our lives, has brought home the need to plan for whatever the future can throw at us. As a result, there are many savers and investors who are looking at how they can become more financially secure, but who are also cautious about moving their money out of cash. In this section of our There For You hub, we’ve included a range of material that you can use with new and existing clients, as well as some valuable insights, to help you make their money work harder.

How to trigger a pension review

The pandemic has caused people’s circumstances, plans and aspirations to change. We identify the types of clients who need your immediate pensions consolidation advice.

Find out which clients you can help

Impact on your clients

Impact on client retirement plans

Explaining some of the unintended consequences of retirement planning during the pandemic.

Support your clients retirement plans

Impact on client cashflow

Helping clients manage reduced cashflow through furlough or loss of income.

Supporting your clients cash flow

Making it easier to do business with us

It’s becoming clear that life may not return to the ‘normal’ we knew before the covid-pandemic. We have all adapted to working remotely with each other, and new ways of working have often proved to be more efficient.

Find out how we are responding to your requests for less paperwork and more online processes.

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