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Are your clients relying too much on cash?

Clearly it’s a challenging time for many people who are looking to plan for their future. It’s also understandable that they are feeling more cautious about ‘when’ and ‘how’ they should invest their money.

The need to plan for the future has never been more apparent. Therefore, this section aims to support you in helping to answer some of the questions many of your clients are asking:

  • How can I make my money work harder?
  • Should I keep it in cash?
  • Or should I invest for the longer term?

Helping clients’ cash work harder

Our research has highlighted that many over 40s (25%) are able to save more cash today than they were before the pandemic. However, the overwhelming majority of these ‘extra savings’ (93%) is sitting in cash.

Many people believe cash as a ‘safe’ way to protect their money but, as you appreciate, too much cash has its own long-term risks. Nevertheless, this belief means it can prove difficult to persuade some clients to move out of cash on deposit, and into what they consider to be a more uncertain investment environment.

You may want to share the following articles with your clients, to help you broach the subject of investing cash.

Download these sales aids to use with your clients

Your cash ISA may be shrinking your savings

This salesaid will help you explain to your clients why their cash ISA may be shrinking their savings.

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Are your investments relying too much on cash?

If, like many advisers, you have clients who have moved their investments into cash because they perceive it as being ‘safe’, this sales aid will help you explain to them the significant damage that could be done to long-term financial plans if too much is kept in cash for too long.

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