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Thrive: supporting advisers' wellbeing

Supporting and enhancing people’s wellbeing is important for individuals and for businesses. It allows us to be at our best and to fulfil our potential, not just at work but in our lives at home too. Today, it’s more important than ever for us to show that we care for each other, and recognise the importance of talking about our emotional and personal wellbeing.


Paul Feeney introduces Quilter's Thrive programme for advisers.

Thrive: mental health & wellbeing support

We are proud to share with you, our community of advisers, our ‘Thrive’ initiative, which has been running for Quilter employees since 2018. Thrive contains a range of resources, tools and information that you may find useful in taking care of your own personal health and wellbeing, and that of your colleagues and loved ones.

Paul's personal story

Mental health and me

Steve Nelson is consulting director at ‘the lang cat’, a leading financial services consultancy, and is an advocate of improving the understanding of mental health in financial services. He shares with us his thoughts on why initiatives such as Thrive are so vital.

Mental health and me

Watch & listen

Wellbeing – the importance of leadership

Our experts discuss how business leaders can navigate the challenges of connecting with colleagues, and the tools Quilter have to help you to do this.

Possibly one of the biggest behavioural challenges of our time

In this 5 minute video, behavioural economist, Mark Pittaccio, explains how we can adapt to the changes to our pre-lockdown routine.

Create a new normal for you

You might like to use this 7 minute video from behavioural economist, Mark Pittaccio, with your clients. He looks at the psychological aspects of the lockdown, and how ‘creating a new normal’ can help us accept our new temporary way of life.

If you would like to share any of your wellbeing experiences, please get in touch.

What advisers have said about Thrive

Great initiative. Leading from the front on #mentalhealth 

 I’m proud and thankful to be a key account with Quilter... they really care about their advisers’ wellbeing 

 A brilliant initiative and an incredibly generous offer to extend the program out past the employee network too. I'm so proud to be associated with Quilter who have exceeded their responsibility in the realm of employee wellbeing.”

Useful apps to support emotional and personal wellbeing

Throughout this site, we refer to a number of apps that you might find helpful. Here’s a handy summary of some of the most useful.

Useful apps

How can we help you further?

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