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Protect and diversify your income streams

webinar-18-june-20.jpgDate: Thursday 18 June 2020

Time: 10:00 (UK time)

Adviser firms across the world are faced with the challenge of reduced income as a result of the current Covid-19 crisis and associated market downturns. Business owners need to find ways to protect existing income streams and, most importantly, generate new ones to ensure business continuity.

Hear our Quilter panel of experts explore how to overcome the income streams challenge through diversification at both client and service levels.

This webcast covers a range of topics including:

  • How to engage with existing clients and win new ones, in this changed world of remote working
  • How to increase your income and challenge existing remuneration models
  • How you can diversify your service proposition, creating business resilience

During the webcast, we refer you to practical tools, templates and techniques you can use in your business right now. These can be downloaded below.

  1. Helping advisers demonstrate their true value
  2. Accelerating trust with new clients - insights in to how you can build trust with a new client in a first, remote meeting
  3. Factsheet: Technology enabling business remotely / in isolation, providing insights in to different technology options for holding client meetings
  4. Biography template to introduce yourself / an adviser in your firm, ahead of a (new) client meeting
  5. New client meeting framework guidelines
  6. Framework for a potentially difficult client meeting
  7. Zoom client meeting email invitation template
  8. Three step guide to holding a Zoom meeting

Host: Karen Blatchford, International Product & Marketing, Quilter

Guest speakers: Scott Stevens, Director of Adviser Recruitment & Acquisition, Quilter Financial Planning & Ian Black, Director of Global Wealth Structuring

Watch the webcast

Suitable for all UK and International advisers.