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3 mental health tips for coping with redundancy

Date: 06 January 2021

Re-adjusting to regular life

Post Xmas blues - article block image.jpgAlthough the festive period was much quieter for most of us than usual, post-festive blues may still set in as we re-adjust to the idea of regular life again. They’re also much more likely this year due to the latest COVID 19 restrictions.

Our brains are unusual creatures in that they crave both routine and variance. The key to successfully transitioning back to normal life is to embrace the rhythms of everyday life again, but also take the opportunity to carve out time for some small changes.

A few ideas for beating post-festive blues

  1. Get back into a good routine quickly
  2. Block out exercise time in your calendar
  3. Have clear boundaries on working hours
  4. If you can, separate your work and life areas
  5. Put an out-of-office on when you’re busy
  6. Make time for small rituals like coffee breaks
  7. Keep something alive, even if it’s just a small cactus
  8. Write down negative thoughts and throw them away
  9. Say ‘no’ when you’ve already got too much on
  10. Go easier on yourself until the spring

The last point is perhaps the most important. They say happiness equals reality minus expectations, so not expecting too much is one of the best gifts you can give yourself in the New Year.

Emotional and practical support for you and your colleagues

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