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6 ways to stay sane while working from home

Date: 29 September 2020

Have short (2-3min) check-in calls throughout the day

When we’re at work, we ask people questions as and when they pop into our heads, and intermittently check in with how they’re doing. Phone calls don’t need to be long. A simple question that could usually be asked over Slack is OK to ask over a phone call during COVID-19: people will be pleased with the distraction.


Stick to the same routine you have in the office

It’s all too easy for time to blur when you’re working from home, and to realise it’s 3pm and you’re still in your pyjamas, having only eaten some toast. Stick to a schedule to make yourself feel more in control and stave off anxiety. Get dressed into real clothes, have a proper breakfast, be ‘at your desk’ on time.


Leave a call on in the background while working

If you’re working on parts of a project that require asking intermittent questions, if you usually work closely with a few people, or if you just have a favourite colleague who you miss being around, leave a call on in the background for a few hours while you work. Even if neither of you say much, it’s just nice to know someone’s there.


Create shared daily music playlists

This is an easy way to feel connected to the people you work with without having constant contact. Nominate a different person to be in charge of creating a shared playlist each day, and encourage everyone to listen. Learn more about your colleagues’ music tastes as you work, and message them if you like a song.


Video call on your laptop while cooking and eating

Working alone can be fine, but eating alone can often feel a bit weird. Schedule a lunch break with a colleague via calendar invite. Leave your laptop open on a video call while you both prepare a meal in your respective kitchens, and then sit down to eat it ‘together’.


Send frequent voice notes to friends and family

What’s often a shock about working from home is how quiet it is. Sending and listening to voice notes helps keep the sound of chatter going every now and then, and hearing the voices of loved ones can make you feel less isolated without the commitment of a phone call.

Emotional and practical support for you and your colleagues

We have joined forces with Spill, specialists in workplace mental health support, to offer you and your colleagues access to a wealth of new resources, including qualified therapists.

Explore Spill’s other resources

While we are delighted to offer advisers access to Spill’s services through our There For You hub, please note that Spill is an independent organisation providing specialist workplace mental health support. Any views, opinions and guidance provided by Spill is wholly independent  and the inclusion of any Spill-related content on this site should not be regarded as an endorsement by the Quilter group of such content.