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You’re never too young to learn about money

Date: 05 June 2020

How often do you think back to your younger years and wish someone had taught you a bit more about money? As parents we often think about what tools we need to supply our children with so they can have a good life. Perhaps the money talk comes up when they are moving out or going away to university. But in reality discussion about money should be happening so much earlier.

Research shows that attitudes toward money are formed as young as the age of 7. Helping your kids understand the power of delayed gratification, saving and possibly even investing is a great way for them to build a healthy relationship with money from a young age and that will be something they can carry with them into their adult life. There are some great resources online including these free resources from MyBnk, the award-winning charity.

MyBnk is funded through our charity, the Quilter Foundation. Together, we’ve been delivering financial education to young people, to help them develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to fully engage with their financial lives.

MyBnk and their expert trainers deliver innovative, high energy and high impact financial education workshops to help bring money to life for young people aged 7-25.

MyBnk: delivering financial education to young people

Find out what goes on in this 1 min video.